Ep. 1 an interview with Patrick McFarlane

My first regular episode, my interview with Patrick McFarlane of the Liberty Weekly podcast. We talk about his background in starting the podcast, his legal-themed episodes, the Libertarian Union and more. It has been quite some time since this episode was recorded, so some of the information is now out of date. He is no longer in law school for instance. Much of the information is more timeless though, and an updated interview is up for consideration!

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Hello world!

Very soon I will be uploading the first episodes of this podcast/blog project. Stay tuned for more! You can get in touch through the comment section or by mailing to gaiuslibertatis@gmail.com. I will also be maintaining several social media platforms, which shall be shared as soon as they are finalized. If you would like to support the project financially, I will set up options for that as well and let you know as soon as they are set up. I hope you’ll like my little labor of love!